EAHAD 2020 will offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to companies.
The Partnership Brochure is now available:
EAHAD 2020 Partnership Brochure – 23.09.2019

Satellite Symposia

This highly visible and highly impactful activity allows companies to attract interested and qualified delegates and update them personally on the science that supports their campaigns and products. It is one of the most popular opportunities for honest and open debate between medical professionals on the topics most relevant to their corporate objectives.

Corporate Support


EAHAD 2020 gives companies the advantage and can play a key part in helping them achieve their congress objectives by standing out from the crowd and enhancing their visibility:

Pre Event Exposure

These opportunities will allow companies to target the delegates before the event

Create the Perfect 1st Impression

These opportunities will allow companies to catch the delegate’s attention upon arrival at the event

Maximum Brand Impact

These opportunities will allow companies to really make their brand/product stand out on the congress floor

Each opportunity is measured against 4 different types of benefit:

High Volume/Contact

Allowing you to maximise your visibility and increase brand/product awareness

Drive Brand Awareness

Allowing you to maximise awareness, strengthen your brand positioning

Be Different

Allowing you to engage, retain customers, put your brand/product in a position that is seen as ‘unique and innovative’


Allowing you to prolong your exposure after the event. We know that in today’s challenging economic climate and more than ever before it is essential to be able to justify your expenditure and ensure your funds are being invested in the right places. We hope that this summary table and benefit evaluation tool will enable to you to efficiently and effectively identify the opportunities that will best achieve your specific marketing goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you be interested in participating: eahad@mci-group.com